The Modern Tribe: Why Hunting has Declined and Why We Need it Back

2 thoughts on “The Modern Tribe: Why Hunting has Declined and Why We Need it Back”

  1. “Feminization”? Come on man.

    This is a good article and it makes several important points, but diminishing organic food is not needed to make your point. The chicken I eat do not live in cramped conditions and they travel in some cases only 30 miles from farm to my plate. Organic food, for the chicken and for humans, generally requires less oil and resources to produce. Organic, local food is better for us and the earth for many reasons.

    The less you know about something, the less you respect it.

    1. Russel,

      The point of feminization was taken directly from Dr. Pinker’s book.

      I know a great deal about organic food, and have researched it quite in-depth. If you ever take the time to read any scientific literature on the subject, you’ll find numerous review articles that detail how organic food is essentially a scam; there is no measured benefit, nutritionally or environmentally, that makes it a better option than traditionally produced food. I will agree that local food is better, but the vast majority of organic food is produced by big agribusiness firms. While the chicken you eat might not live in cramped conditions, the organic chicken I could purchase at a grocery store very well may have. Organic is such a loosely defined term that the amount of regulation on it is not a “wholesome” guarantee.

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